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Apply to job postings, make appointments with career staff and learn about career events happening on and off Campus.

Current Co-op/Internship students apply to Co-op and Internship postings, upload and manage your application documents, access your interview schedule and work term information.


Advertise job postings on the Career job board that can be accessed by Camosun students and alumni.

Recruit Camosun Co-op and Internship students.

Learn about Co-op and Career events on and off Campus.


As Camosun Alumni, you can access job postings, career events on and off campus, make appointments with career staff to receive free resources and coaching on resume/cover letter, interview preparation and job search strategies.

We will help you enter the workforce or transition to a new career. 

Camosun Employees

Access to the same career services offered to students and alumni: job postings for career and volunteer opportunities, appointments with Camosun career staff, career events on and off campus.

To post a job opportunity, please login as an employer.

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